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Are you frustrated by where you are currently in your work or your personal life and want to make a change? Do you hear something exciting calling you but feel nervous about taking the next step? Are you on the verge of stepping into a world of possibility?  Then this is the place to be.

Through my work I am committed to supporting you as you explore how you can live a life aligned to your values, priorities and aspirations, as you reconnect with what really matters when times get tough and as you turn the difference you dream to make into reality.

If you are a health professional or researcher looking to make a positive impact on the world through your work you will also find a range of resources and services to support you.


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So you want to do a doctorate?

Over the last few months I've been having a great time working with the rather brilliant award winning writer Rob Young on a publication, 'So you want to do a doctorate?' . Having taken off my cloak of academic writing it's been fun to lean into a different writing...

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Letting go of being in the room.

This post was written originally for Jen Gash as part of her April 2017 newsletter and is reproduced in full here. The inspiration for this post came from a comment Jen made in her last ezine when writing about her drives with her daughter: She faces forward and we...

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Are you interested in joining the COT2017 Blog Squad?

Over the last week the twitter sphere has been dotted with tweets from occupational therapists celebrating the fact that their abstract has been accepted for COT2017. Firstly, let's pause for a moment to celebrate this news as it's a fab achievement. I hope when...

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NIHR/HEE Research Internships for Health Professionals

One of the questions I am asked on a regular basis by health professionals is, 'How can I get involved in research?'  If this sentiment resonates with you and you are a health professional I would really urge you to  check out the National Institute for Health...

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Letting shame out of your writing life.

I was listening, yesterday, to an interview with Cheryl Strayed. She is author of the memoir Wild, an account of her lone hike along the Pacific Crest Trail which was made subsequently into an Oscar nominated film. At the start of her interview with Marie Forleo she...

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Calling OTs in the NW studying for a PhD.

Are you an occupational therapist studying for a PhD in search of some support outside of your academic community? Are you in search of people to touch base with who understand what you are going through? The kind of people who you don't have to provide long...

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Book Review: Starting your PhD. Dr Helen Kara

Dr Helen Kara is an independent researcher who, alongside undertaking commissioned research related to health, social care and the voluntary sector, teaches and writes about research methods. Helen is author of Creative Research Methods in Social Sciences: A Practical...

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Rounding up the Wednesday Explores

Marking the year via a series of weekly posts is a sure way of flagging up the all to rapid progress of time. It is hard to believe that it is now over four months since I started posting Wednesday Explorations. The reason for starting this series was partly to flag...

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