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I have worked with health professionals as colleagues, students and collaborators. I have listened to the amazing things they aspire to achieve, I have seen the impact when they step into a world of possibility and find their voice and I have witnessed the energy that is created when they come together to share their experiences, support each other and learn together.

I know that, as a community, we are driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world, to go the extra mile in service of the people whose lives we connect with and to be a force for good. I understand also the need to treat ourselves with the same care and compassion we give day in day out to others.

Through my work I am committed to supporting you as you explore how you can live a life aligned to your values, priorities and aspirations, as you reconnect with what really matters when times get tough and as you turn the difference you dream to make into reality.

Recent posts

Using imagination in research and practice.

Sometimes ideas for posts arrive via a circuitous route and this is an example. Throughout my online community there has been a recent flurry a communication around the current political landscape in the US. Specifically relating to how people are trying to cope with... read more

Health checking your values.

I started thinking about this post a few weeks ago as I was watching an episode of the BBC documentary ‘Hospital’. I kept being drawn to thinking about the numerous ways in which the values of the health professionals involved in the programme were being... read more

Letting shame out of your writing life.

I was listening, yesterday, to an interview with Cheryl Strayed. She is author of the memoir Wild, an account of her lone hike along the Pacific Crest Trail which was made subsequently into an Oscar nominated film. At the start of her interview with Marie Forleo she... read more

Calling OTs in the NW studying for a PhD.

Are you an occupational therapist studying for a PhD in search of some support outside of your academic community? Are you in search of people to touch base with who understand what you are going through? The kind of people who you don’t have to provide long... read more

Give Methods a Chance

One of the reasons I love Twitter is because of the range of brilliant resources I have been introduced to. This weeks post is a direct result of something shared last week by @HumsResearchers from the University of Manchester who had picked it up via @EmUprichard at... read more

Book Review: Starting your PhD. Dr Helen Kara

Dr Helen Kara is an independent researcher who, alongside undertaking commissioned research related to health, social care and the voluntary sector, teaches and writes about research methods. Helen is author of Creative Research Methods in Social Sciences: A Practical... read more

Rounding up the Wednesday Explores

Marking the year via a series of weekly posts is a sure way of flagging up the all to rapid progress of time. It is hard to believe that it is now over four months since I started posting Wednesday Explorations. The reason for starting this series was partly to flag... read more