One of the challenges of being a researcher is the shift, as your progress through your career, to becoming an independent researcher. Keeping up the motivation and momentum can be hard. Coming up with new ideas, submitting the next funding applications, writing the next publication.

Whilst workshops aimed at honing your ‘research’ skills are plentiful finding opportunities to invest in your personal development can be more difficult. Until now that is!

How would it feel to give yourself the gift of a day to develop strategies in the following areas?

Combating procrastination – yes we all do it but does it have to be this way?

Quietening you inner critic – where are you being held back by self-doubt?

Working from a strengths based perspective – what does it feel like to lean more into what you do well?

Increasing your visibility – where do you show up in the research community & where do you need to be more visible?


Aimed specifically at occupational therapy researchers this one-day interactive workshop is designed to focus on the experience of ‘being’ a researcher. The sessions are designed specifically with researchers in mind and will

  • challenge you to connect with and live the values that brought you into research,
  • support you in tapping into your inner resources
  • build your confidence

It is relevant to researchers at all stages of their career.

During the day you will have the opportunity to

  • Develop strategies to put what you learn into action
  • Develop some basic self-coaching tools
  • Commit to put learning into practice through key actions identified.

Oh and most importantly …. have fun with like minded colleagues.

The detail

The workshop is being run in central Manchester on Thursday 2nd November 2017.

It is being facilitated by myself and Will Medd. We are both experienced researchers and certified professional coaches and have extensive experience of supporting the development of health researchers from academic and clinical backgrounds. We are passionate about using our expertise to support researchers to work in a way which is aligned to their values, priorities and aspirations.

Full details, booking form and programme can be found here

Early Bird booking ends on the 4th September