Several months ago Rob Young and I published a short Friendly Guide entitled ‘So you want to do a doctorate?’.  The guide is targeted specifically at allied health professionals, nurses and midwives who are thinking of undertaking doctoral study. It is designed to answer some of the questions you may have people commonly ask, provoke some thinking about the kind of doctoral experience you may be looking for and support you in taking the next step.

Having supported, supervised and examined a wide range of health professionals undertaking doctorates I know how momentous this decision is. You are committing to study at the highest academic level. You are contemplating dedicating between 3 and 5 years of your life in pursuit of this goal. It is a decision that has implications not only for you but also for your family and friends. Therefore this is a decision worth giving some time and thought to.

A lot of people have downloaded the guide and we’ve had some great feedback. Leading on from the guide I am running a workshop on the 7th February 2018 in Manchester, ‘Stepping into Doctoral Study’ to enable you to dive deeper into this step.

Nothing beats being able to sit down and talk things through. The opportunity to share thoughts, raise your concerns and be challenged in a supportive environment. The workshop has been designed to build upon the content of the Friendly Guide and, most importantly, to give you some time and space to do some serious thinking with like-minded people.

Full details of the programme can be found here along with a request for a booking form.