Over the last few years of blogging it has often felt like something was missing from my writing – things that impact on the perspectives I bring to my work which aren’t shared. They are parts of my experiences, my life, that have nothing to do with coaching or supporting the development of health researchers.  Something completely different.

Their demand to be heard has got louder over the last few months as has my desire to write about them and so I have created a space within my website to given them room to breathe.

What you will find here is eclectic. Experiences that are important to me, things that have given me cause to pause and think, things that have energised or challenged me and just lovely things I want to share. 

The picture on the header is by Igor Ovsyannykov via Unsplash

Little r you shall go to the ball.

As we move into the festive season a light hearted post to end the year with informed by the many occasions I have sat in meetings and listened to discussions about how to engage more healthcare professionals with research. There is usually a point in the discussion...

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