Stepping into Doctoral Study: a workshop for allied health professionals, nurses & midwives

Wednesday 7th February 2018. Manchester

“I want to do a doctorate………”

You have probably had this idea niggling away in your head for sometime and feel almost ready to move forward. Maybe you’ve earmarked 2018 as the year you want to make this move. But maybe you are asking yourself questions like, ‘am I good enough?’ “What kind of support can I get?’ ‘How do I find a supervisor?’ These are perfectly natural thoughts to be bouncing round in your head. A doctorate is a fine aspiration but can also be a daunting one. It is good to take stock before you embark on this journey. But how will you prepare? What route will you take? Where can you go for advice?

Building on the Friendly Guide, ’So you want to do a doctorate?’ this workshop is designed to provide some answers, provoke new thoughts and provide you with some space and time to do some serious thinking.


9.30     Registration and coffee

10.00  Turning up the volune of your doctoral calling.

10.30.  Dealing with your voice of self-doubt. It is natural to have some doubts about the journey you are thinking of embarking upon. We will explore the difference between realistic thinking and the voice of your inner critic which can stop you from moving forward

11.15.  Coffee

11.30.  What are my options?  In this session we will explore the different  approaches to doctoral study and how they might meet your needs

12.00.  Speaking from experience. A chance to hear from those who have trod this path already

12.45.  Lunch

1.30.  Let’s talk costs. There are many costs associated with doing a doctorate and not all of them are financial.  Time relationships, energy and emotion all  have value and need to be considered carefully.

 2.15.  Finding a home for your doctorate. This is an important decision. The university in which you locate your doctorate in will form one of  the cornerstones of your future research career development. So what factors should you consider

 2.45. Break

 3.00.  Those unanswered questions. Time to check in and cover any remaining questions

 3.30. Designing your leap . What is your next move – building in accountability.

4.00. Close of workshop

Practical information

Given that you are considering committing 3-5 years of your life to this endeavour this is an investment in yourself which is well worth making. 

Investment: early bird booking – £65 before 1st December 2017.   £75 from 2nd December 2017.

Venue: the workshop will be held at Redbank House in Manchester which is a 5 minute walk from Manchester Victoria station. 

To request a booking form please complete and submit the information below