This week an introduction to a blog that I access on a regular basis and follow on Twitter, The Research Whisperer.

A few weeks ago in Wed. Explore I wrote about The Thesis Whisperer and the Research Whisperer describes itself as being, like the Thesis Whisperer – but with more money. The blog is focused on doing research in academia with the aim of stimulating conversations via opinionated, constructive and exploratory posts. It is managed by Jonathan O’Donnell (@jod999) and Tseen Khoo (@tseenster) but posts are contributed by many guest bloggers bringing a range of perspectives to the content.

The posts are organised under the headings of:

  • research culture
  • being strategic
  • applying for funding
  • networking
  • building your track record
  • top fives
  • research communication
  • miscellany
  • research office people

To give you a taster of what is waiting to be discovered posts which may be of interest to the health research community include:

In the sidebar the blog also provides links to other research culture blogs/websites which you may wish to explore

Alongside regular posts you can follow @researchwhisper on Twitter Facebook: Facebook page or subscribe to The Research Whisperer’s The Research Whisperer Daily.

As always if you have discovered a resource which you think other health researchers might find helpful why not share it in the comments section below.