“I know we need to get the job done”. “I really do understand that the longer I leave it the more challenging it will become and yet my desk needs tidying, my notes need filing, I really do need another cup of coffee.” Does this sound familiar?

Are you lured by the internet when you want to avoid something? It becomes so enticing doesn’t it? You start off with the best intention looking for an article, a reference or a definition and twenty minutes later you have travelled a million miles from where you started watching something totally unrelated on You Tube.

What about those household tasks that suddenly become very appealing? Who would know that a pile of ironing could have such a pull or a can of furniture polish? Suddenly they develop a voice of their own, beckoning you away from the real task in hand.

If the above resonates with you then you, like me, are probably on friendly terms with procrastination.

Here’s the good news.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Yay!

With a bit of practice and determination you can start to work from a position of strength rather than stress and anxiety. You can be that cool person who has their presentation ready several days before it’s needed. You can have time to do that final bit of polishing to your paper or assignment before you submit it.

Here’s the not so good news.

There isn’t a single quick fix answer. Did you really think it was that easy?

If you search online you will discover a raft of advice for procrastinators – in fact it’s a procrastinators paradise. You can while away hours flipping from one site to another, watching videos and looking at procrastination pin boards and quotes. But the real crux of the matter is understanding what is going on when you procrastinate in different situations.

Here’s the exciting news.

Let’s take on this battle together – we can do this. Join me for an online workshop which will use a coaching approach to support you starting to reduce your procrastination. You will explore your world of procrastination, learn 3 questions to ask yourself and be introduced to a range of techniques to get you moving.

You can access the workshop, which will be delivered via Zoom, from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile and it will last for an hour.

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