Can we interest you in joining the blog squad this year for the RCOT 2018 annual conference?

For the second year the #OTalk and #OTalk Research team are forming a blog squad to provide a stimulating, engaging, personal insight into conference. Last year the blogs were very well received and reached a global audience and we are using the learning to inform what we do this year.

To make this happen we are recruiting a small team of writers (around 10 people) who feel able to, and are excited by, the prospect of writing short engaging posts. Last year people from all stages of their career (students to profs) and a wide range of clinical backgrounds made up the squad.

How does a blog squad work?

Members of the squad will be asked to agree before conference which sessions they will cover and commit to writing and delivering a maximum of 2 short posts about the sessions.

There are key sessions that we need to cover as well as some choice. It is important to understand that these are written and posted during conference and so you need to be willing to commit some of your conference time to writing the posts. They need to be word processed ready to upload and so you also need to have some technology with you.

You will be asked to respect professional codes of conduct in what you write but the posts are very much yours to write in your style, using your words and any media you think will convey your experience. You can check out what people wrote last year via the link on the left sidebar #COT2017.

What kind of writing experience do I need?

You need to feel confident in your writing as the posts will not be heavily edited and corrected by us. You also need to feel happy writing a short article to a tight deadline. This isn’t something you can take away and complete after conference. We will provide some guidance as well as an opportunity to connect with each other before conference begins to answer any questions you may have.

How do I get involved?

Firstly you need to have registered for conference.  Once you have done this complete the expression of interest form available here and we will be in touch.

Deadline for completion Friday 4th May 2018