Book review: Handywoman.

The Handywoman is a book which, at its heart, is about the process of plotting a new map and navigating the unchartered terrain of experiencing and living with the consequences of a stroke at the age of 36. Most of all it is about how, through this experience, one...

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Getting to grips with procrastination.

I wonder if there’s something else you should be doing right now? Did you come across this download whilst in the middle of something else and get distracted and diverted? Was reading this blog really at the top of you to do list today or were you in the middle of...

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Techniques to quieten self-critical talk

In this mini series the previous 2 posts have focused on recognising the triggers for your inner critic and developing a visualisation to help you connect with it quickly by asking, who is talking right now? This post will bring the series to a close by introducing...

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Techniques to reduce self-critical thinking.

In the last post we explored the concept of an inner critic and the impact that self-critical thinking can have upon our on lives. If you didn't catch the post, before you dive in here, flip back and have a read. Whilst it's important to understand what an inner...

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The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Fellowships

Have you been inspired by an approach being used in another country to a challenge you are facing in your work? Maybe you have established an exciting relationship with a centre of excellence and are looking for a way to spend time with them learning more about their...

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